Tools and methods

Creativity is good – methodical design is more sustainable and better!
We put a special emphasis on the appropriate methods, processes and tools in all areas of our service portfolio, to achieve the best possible, verifiable and comprehensible solution for you. Besides the development of our own approach, we integrate known and proven processes from the fields of business development, brand and design management, as well as systemic and organisational psychology into our work.

GD Innovation-Roadmap®

The increasing complexity and speed of our world forces us to look at interconnections in a new way and permanently confronts us with new challenges. To overcome these you need an overview, navigational knowledge, future competence and creative strategies.

For a joint strategy development we use our “GD Innovation Roadmap®” to give you the necessary overview and insight. The “GD Innovation Roadmap®” is a visual methodological framework for a holistic view of business areas and innovative future design. It combines knowledge, methods and processes from business development, innovation excellence, marketing and design in a unique way.

For our work on and with the “GD Innovation Roadmap®” we have been awarded the TOP100 Award.

Industrial Design with Limbic®

We are the exclusive Limbic® licence partner of the Nymphenburg Group for industrial design and product development. As the only design company in Germany, we can and may now use the Limbic® tools for your product development / industrial design.

Design is – when viewed holistically – more than ever one of the decisive economic and differentiating factors.  With Limbic® we are able to transfer your brand positioning and target group definition into the world of products with our expertise in the field of INDUSTRIAL DESIGN. Based on a comprehensive problem and benefit analysis, we design customer-centric, brand-oriented and successful design solutions with you.


Achieving challenging business goals is a difficult and complex task at any time. In “these times” even more so, as those projects that close the gap to financial success must be found and evaluated as quickly and unerringly as possible. This means separating the wheat from the chaff for a good roadmap.

With the Horizonte model – an essential part of the GD Innovation Roadmap – we offer our clients an optimal and easy-to-use method with a tried and tested work process for precisely this purpose. See for yourself in the film how you close the success gap and increase future viability.

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Workshop 'Future Design Thinking'

The method of Design Thinking is well applicable for solving obvious problems from the customer’s point of view. We extend the idea of Design Thinking by the aspect “Future”, which expands the method by relevant future models.

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