Our awards range from consulting to innovation to all design disciplines.

Consulting? Mentoring or coaching? Benefits on different levels

Before we do “something” with you and your business, we consider “why” and “for what purpose” it should be done. Once we know that, we think about “how” we can implement it together with you. To do this, we don’t take folders or templates out of the cabinet, but rather design and create the appropriate consulting services based on our own methods which are always tailor-made for you.

"We create future":Consulting and strategy competence for your "day after tomorrow"...

The desire for advice seems to be omnipresent and is always highly individual. Questions about the meaning and culture of the company are increasingly taking up space. There is a great need for a suitable strategy to achieve goals in these changing times. This often starts with a first advice from our side: “Let’s talk about the future…”, because in our experience dealing with the future is not as easy as it seems.
Every company has one or potentially several different futures, and nobody really knows what that might be. That’s why we often start strategic consulting right there – in the future, then we work on possible goals, strategies and the creative ways to get there.

"We accompany organizations on their paths":Mentoring and the competence of conception for transformation

Culture development in organizations is a big topic because it has been recognized that values, attitudes and narratives have a significant impact on the organization’s capacity for change and transformation. For better or for worse. If you are now thinking about the potential success or failure of your future journey, you are right. New work and new working methods are just as much a part of the “skills” of an organization, as new organizational models and new leadership, and they need to be understood and learned. With experience and conceptual strength in change projects, we accompany you in such a way that you can start the transformation tomorrow.

"Staying on track and arriving at your destination with training and coaching":Coaching and Creative Competence as success factors in the here and now.

Whatever we really want to change, we usually have to learn and practice first. For us to arrive, we not only need goals with a future and a view for different paths. We also need to begin to see what it means for organizations and people to act and decide. This, in turn, is not so easy in a complex world; it requires courage, possibility and creativity. People have these capabilities – in organizations these attributes are often buried. We release these and other abilities and thus provide the organizations with the necessary energy to create and move forward every day on the way to their goals.

Our consulting services were awarded!

"Are designers better consultants?"

We cannot decide whether our consulting services are actually better for you. However, it is clear – not in the least due to the current TOP Consultant Award – that designers can advise differently and with additional methods than colleagues with other knowledge backgrounds. In a way, our competence is based on three fields:

  • Systemic consulting and organizational development competence
  • Interdisciplinary design and design competence
  • Entrepreneurial and strategic competence

From our customers’ point of view, this adds up to an innovative and unique consulting base for an incredibly broad range of topics.

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Holger Bramsiepe

Managing Partner

For over 30 years, my passion has belonged to design. While at the beginning of my work it was mainly about product design, today I design much more with our team and colleagues inside. From innovation to strategies, organizations and corporate culture to the “future” itself. Everything can be designed. In doing so, I want people to become creative designers of the future so that we can all work together to create a better day after tomorrow.

To do this, it has always been necessary to learn. In addition to the relevant real-world and digital design subject areas, I early on traversed the fields of future trends, innovation, brand and design management, systemic consulting, ‘new work’ and business development.

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Keith Alan Koster

Managing Partner

For over 25 years, I have been successfully developing and designing new strategies and concepts between the physical and the digital to optimize the future viability of our clients.

In doing so, I combine the different levels and channels into a holistic concept and, as a designer, accompany the target achievement of the planned change.

Last but not least, our clients benefit from my own extensive professional sales experience as well as numerous concepts of sales strategies for clients.

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What our consultants say

Ana-Marija Scheibler

Consultant for Communication & Digital Design

“Our consultations always start with listening, understanding the ideas, wishes and problems on the customer side and putting them into the overall context. Then, through dialog, we create shared insights. This is the basis for viable decisions, commitment and successful implementation.”

Celia Wagner

Consultant for Strategy & Digital Design

“Our entire team lives and loves curiosity, high motivation and co-creation. We solve complex challenges by working with our clients to create meaningful processes that are significant for the future.”

Janina Clever

Consultant for Innovation & Industrial Design

“We come from a background of creative work and conceptual work. That’s why we prefer to be closely involved in our clients’ work, as part of their team – at eye level and with a shared vision. The depth and often long-term nature of this makes our collaboration special for us and the clients.”

Our trend and focus topics

As future designers and creators, we deal comprehensively with megatrends and trends from many different industries. We repeatedly condense this information with the needs and goals of our customers. In this section you will find our current trend and focus topics, which we are increasingly dealing with and which might be of particular interest to you.

Sustainability and future viability

Sustainability and future viabilityDid you know that the topic of sustainability has its origins in the forestry industry? For the first time at the beginning of the 18th century, forestry principles of action were formulated to fulfil and maintain the ecological, economic and social functions of…

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New Work

New Organisation | New Work “When it comes to our work in the future, we should strive to make it a successful future.” – is what we say in regards to our focus-topics new ways of working or “new work” as it is called everywhere. In our perspective, many principles…

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„Design and Mobility“

„Design and Mobility“ Questions regarding mobility are of course not only an important field on the megatrend map and, with the automotive sector, an important economic factor, mobility is a topic that we have been dealing with and encountering in many forms as innovators, designers and…

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Corporate communication

Corporate communication – successfully accompanying and supporting changes with a focus on brands and employeesCorporate communication – successfully accompanying and supporting changes with a focus on brands and employees  “If you ask companies what is seen as an urgent problem and the…

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IT needs design

IT needs Design – Deutschland braucht Gestaltungskompetenz für eine erfolgreiche digitale Transformation. Das war Titel und Statement des vom Bitkom e.V. und weiteren Partner veranstalteten Events am 05.11.18 im Dortmund U. Knapp über 200 Teilnehmer aus den Bereichen Information, Software, User…

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