Corporate communication – successfully accompanying and supporting changes with a focus on brands and employees

Corporate communication – successfully accompanying and supporting changes with a focus on brands and employees 

“If you ask companies what is seen as an urgent problem and the first thing to be quickly improved, 90 percent will probably say: communication!”  

Strictly speaking, communication does not only mean the “interpersonal”. Nowadays, every company has to communicate various complex topics to its employees – digitalisation, new work, market and brand changes, as well as dry topics from the areas of company health management and occupational safety – to name but a few.

A structured and user-oriented internal brand communication to the employees is often missing and towards the customer it is often located in the marketing department – but the know-how is unavailable in the area of press and public relations – not to mention internal organizational areas.

A distinct and well-designed brand-oriented communication towards the employees helps companies to better achieve their goals and to awaken and strengthen the positive motivation of their organisation. Numerous studies have confirmed that companies depend on the quality, qualification and “brand loyalty” of their employees to meet the complex challenges of the future. The fact that good creation and design helps in the mediation and communication is also regarded as proven.

So not only more, but also an increasingly better communication within the company should be achieved, because that way you achieve something else: the organisational development in the sense of “New Work” and a learning, understanding organisation.      

Have you ever thought about giving your employees the same quality of communication on simple and complex topics as you provide your customers? Do you segment communication according to roles and tasks in the organisation? Do you convey knowledge and changes differently than reports about the last summer festivities? Is the company newspaper the only medium designed and planned for distribution? Do you use internal “brands” and “claims” to convey complex or difficult topics from corporate operations in a more simple and emotional way? 

Afterwards, you should be able to answer the question of whether the existing communication to employees conveys your employer brand and corporate values in such a way that they are understood and also communicated positively to the outside world. Lets talk about the role of new communication concepts towards your employees for the development of your company. 

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