AMBIGENCE – Strategic brand development

Within our strategic planning we developed the design and brand positioning for ambigence. The concept and design for “Space to innovate” has been born out of our promise to keep the brands’ ethos with the commitment to finding new partners for the network.

We accompanied ambigence’s team every step of the way, from the initial idea of a daring vision to the spin-off as a start-up from Hettich. Using our “GD Innovation-Roadmap®”, we were able to make targeted and strategic decisions on the clear positioning of the brand and the creative value of the company network.

– Concept/structure/storytelling
– Corporate identity
– Web design/Screen design
– Animation

The aim of ambigence is to establish the marketing and development of a new product category for the integration of furniture components via a network of partners for technology and design. These ideas are characterised by a high standard of design and aesthetics. From the modern and homely to the technically brilliant; ambigence wants to show the variety of possibilities and to inspire to own visions. Our mission is to create space for innovation.

Client:ambigence GmbH & Co.KGService:Corporate design, Brand

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