BOW2GO – Product development GenEwalker

The vision: to design a rollator that invites daily use with fun and added value and without the stigma. The result: the GenEwalker, a multifunctional everyday vehicle with an inspiring design. It makes it easier to grow older in your own environment as it can be used as a shopper, baby carriage, seat, walking aid and for transporting loads. The GenEwalker is equipped for longer trips thanks to the electric drive, which is regulated by walking speed.

In 2017, the GenEwalker was awarded the German Design Award and the title “Excellent Product Design” in the transportation category. The jury justified its decision as follows:
Its dynamic appearance alone promises that the GenEwalker is far more than just a walking aid. Thanks to its multifunctionality, older people can continue to make their contribution to everyday life. A great designed product that connects generations and frees the mobility device from its negative image. Functionally and formally, it is in the fast lane.

Client:bow2go GmbHService:Product design