KOSTAL Solar app – UX design

The free KOSTAL Solar App enables customers to professionally monitor their own photovoltaic or storage systems. All functions can be called up easily and conveniently at any time. The customer has the option of obtaining consumption and generation data, as well as access to the overall process over successive periods of time.
The graphic representation of the house consumption and sources such as PV, battery and net purchase is covered and offers an intuitive overview. If the customer does not yet have a battery, he can activate a virtual battery and view the savings results.

The app also offers the customer many new functions to familiarize himself more deeply with his photovoltaic system. It enables the customer to develop an understanding of consumption and energy saving, as well as the use of service offers around his system. The design is orientated towards the private customer and meets the user‘s requirements for a simple, intuitive operation that can monitor a complex technical product.

Two years prior, we redesignedthe PLENTICORE Plus photovoltaic inverter.
The goal for the design was to develop a new model for PV hybrid inverters based on the brand’s identity and existing products. The needs of end customers and installers were also included in the development of the PLENTICORE.

Client:KOSTAL Industrie Elektrik GmbHService:Product designLink:www.kostal-industrie-elektrik.com