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You know how it is, you are perfectly prepared for the appointment with the customer with your product presentation? Then, in the middle of the presentation, the big moment, the customer asks a question and you have to leave the intended path of the conversation. At such a moment, it is indispensable to be able to respond confidently to the customer’s needs. But how, if the static presentation cannot react to the course of the conversation like you can?

Brose Schließsysteme gave a lot of thought to the needs of the customer and the optimal support of sales at a very early stage. The idea for the IAA 2019 trade fair was that the new generation of product presentations would offer more scope to address the customer’s individual needs in conversation at any time. A visionary brief for an ambitious schedule… As part of the project, GENERATIONDESIGN accepted the challenge and developed a technically new approach for the future of interactive Brose presentations.

The solution was to be both a platform for better customer discussions and effective sales of the complex closure systems and at the same time simplify the handling of the presentations for the customer. Modularly expandable, openly manageable for the customer and future-proof in technology, a new standard was created around HTML, Web GL and real-time 3D products. In only about two months of implementation time, a completely new real-time presentation platform was created for the IAA 2019 trade fair.

The new digital presentation of Brose closure systems shows the complete closure system product range with 16 real-time products and approx. 60 functional real-time animations. A product matrix can also be used to record the customer’s requirements and the system automatically makes an individual product recommendation.

Project scope:
• Concept and strategy
• Development of a storyboard
• Screen design, User interface
• Technical realisation
• Programming in HTML, Web GL
• Development real-time 3D products
• Development real-time 3D animation

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