KOSTAL – Product design Wallbox ENECTOR

With the ENECTOR wallbox, KOSTAL is launching the first self-developed AC wall charging station on the market. The proven design language of the PLENTICORE plus inverter was also the guiding principle for the design here.

The design of the KOSTAL wallbox has an expressive shape and impresses with its puristic outlines. The dynamic housing is used for compact cable management and the centrally arranged LED display. The dynamic front plate faces the user and is accentuated by its lateral chamfers. The overall design language and the many details create an analogy to current automotive design.

The wallbox charges quickly, sustainably and intelligently, making efficient use of renewable energy. It can also be controlled in real time via the KOSTAL Solar App, which we also designed.

With the wallbox, KOSTAL wants to offer every customer a holistic green mobility experience – with the highest standards of design, use and safety.

Kunde:KOSTAL Solar Electric GmbHLeistung:Product designLink:www.kostal-solar-electric.com