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For many years now, the online sale of products has played an increasingly important role and has recorded rapidly growing sales figures. However, most of the development so far has taken place mainly in the end customer sector. We think that this will not change due to current events, as many of our customers increasingly rely on high-quality online demonstrations to sell their products.

The advantages are obvious – not only valuable personnel resources are optimized by reducing travel times. The online demo tool also makes it possible to tailor the sales presentation more individually to the needs of the customer and convert it directly into a corresponding conversion (purchase). This creates more continuity in sales and avoids expensive cancellations of appointments, such as those caused by the corona virus.

QIAGEN is known worldwide for high-tech products for laboratory automation. But QIAGEN is not only up-to-date with its products, they also attach great importance to contemporary, digital tools. High tech just sells better with high tech. Very early on, QIAGEN worked with us on the implementation of online demo tools and launched one of their latest laboratory tools with the current QIAcuity online demo tool.

Complex products require a complex presentation, which, however, should be consistently tailored to the needs of the customer and must be easy and understandable to explore in the navigation. In the new QIAcuity online demo tool, the customer is guided step by step through the most important benefits of the laboratory device. From a technical point of view, the web application has also been implemented with future-oriented HTML/Javascript. The special feature: thanks to the virtual implementation in a high-end 3D representation and animation, the physical processes of the test procedure can be clearly shown in all details. According to the QIAGEN project manager, this important and descriptive representation for the customer is only possible with 3D technology, otherwise the direct view into the interior of the device could not be realised.

Project scope:
• Concept and draft for the online demo tool
• Visualisation of 3D product
• 3D animation
• User interface, UX design
• Programming in HTML/Javascript

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