WILKINSON – Product design Quattro Vintage

The bathroom has become increasingly important in people’s living spaces. Natural materials such as wood, marble or slate are the dominant design elements of contemporary bathroom interiors. Our aim in designing the Quattro Vintage Wood was to develop an “extraordinary” shaver that would stand out as a stunning design and furnishing accessory for the bathroom.

The Quattro Vintage Wood Edition is unique in value and appearance, more reminiscent of a handcrafted item than a manufactured product series. The high-quality handle, with its’ optical impression and tactility (roughness and surface structure) of wood, is unparalleled in the Skincare sector. In, spite of the plastic injection moulding process, the special combination of tools and printing technology allows for a virtually unique finish. The combination of different upper and lower parts, as well as different pressure clichés enables the production of at least 256 individual configurations.

The shaver was awarded the Red Dot Design Award 2019 for its unique design.

Client:Wilkinson Sword GmbHService:Product designLink:www.wilkinson.de

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