GENERATIONDESIGN is an innovative design and cosulting company.

We shape the future success of our clients with interdisciplinary design services, individual consulting, unique methods and structured work processes.

Our mission: We turn our clients into future designers and thus create the impulse and the structure for continuous and lasting success.


Bei GENERATIONDESIGN gestalten Menschen mit vielen fachlichen Kompetenzen Ihre Projekte mit großer Leidenschaft und Zielstrebigkeit. Wir vereinen in Teams die Fähigkeit zur Lösung komplexer Probleme mit viel Kreativität und kritisch hinterfragendem Denken. Aus Beratung und Innovationsroadmaps ergeben sich die relevanten Projekte für Ihre Produktentwickkung und Kommunkationsaufgaben.

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kreation & umsetzung

In a complex and fast-moving time, companies need overview, navigation knowledge, future competence
and creative strategies to meet their challenges. With the help of our „GD Innovation-Roadmap®“ your business can realise its goals in creating the product experience of tomorrow. The „GD Innovation-Roadmap®“ with its‘ advisory and strategic planning can help you build a brand that is holistic, customer-centered and above all forward thinking. Our recipe for success, is based on many years of experience with companies and organisations from different industries, our diverse design skills and an unbiased curiosity for new fields of development and solutions.

design strategy

design process

creation & realisation
design doings


Management consultation
Organisation development
Business model development

Change management consultation
Innovation strategy
Future strategy
Innovation management

Brand development
Content marketing strategy
Portfolio strategy

Product management
Design management

Between strategic planning and the realisation of your project plans, we form an interlocking process with the development of brand and design models, customer-centric concepts and the design of new procedures and processes.
We support your teams in their respective areas of responsibility including product management and development, marketing, sales; all of which we moderate, coordinate and design. Clear coordination and transparency in cooperation are decisive for successful collaboration with internal and external partners.

design strategy

design process

creation & realisation
design doings


Innovation processes
Change processes

Design mission statement development
Corporate Design development
Employer branding

Design and communication strategy

Design concepts and processes

Coaching, Teaching
Future Design Thinking

You want to „put the horsepower on the road“ and make the newly developed strategies and concept ideas a tangible experience for your customers.
With or without a finished briefing …
We understand every challenge as a process that leads the competences of all involved designers, customers and partners to new innovative solutions for your customers. Through our interdisciplinary teams of design, communications and media experts, we respond to your individual requirements with the highest quality and know-how in order to achieve the agreed goals. Creativity is guaranteed from the birth of the idea to the finished implementation. We are above all target group-oriented, cross-media and efficient.

design strategy

design process

creation & realisation
design doings


Industrial design
Interface design (UX/UI Design)
Packaging and PoS

Brand and product communication
Online and offline communication
Web and shop design
Corporate communication

Digital application design
3D animation and film
Virtual photography (CGI)
Real-time 3D, VR, AR

Experience design
Trade fair and showroom


At GENERATIONDESIGN people with high levels of expertise design your projects with great passion and determination. Our interdisciplinary teams combine the ability to solve complex problems with creativity and critical thinking.

With over 100 international awards: we have regularly received international awards for our services for many years.

GD Innovation-Roadmap


The increasing complexity and speed of our world forces us to take a new look at the interrelationships that constantly presents us with new challenges. In order to master these challenges you need an overview, navigation knowledge, future competence and creative strategies.

For a joint strategy development we use our „GD Innovation-Roadmap®“ to give you the necessary overview and insight. The „GD Innovation-Roadmap®“ is a visual method framework for a holistic view of the business field and for innovative future design. It combines knowledge, methods and processes from business development, innovation excellence, marketing and design in an unique way.

For our work on and with the „GD Innovation-Roadmap®“ we have been awarded the Award for TOP100.

Asset analysis

The asset analysis gives us an insight into the know-how of your company. With the help of the VRIO method we refine your core competencies and your unique selling proposition.

Gap analysis

The gap analysis is the starting point for a systematic and objective evaluation to optimise your future development and potentials.


The roadmap is the centre of our "GD Innovation-Roadmap®". In it we combine the vision, the strategy and the operative activities in the Horizon model, to guarantee you the necessary overview.

Customer needs

Only if you know the needs of your customers can develop suitable solutions, services or products for your target groups. With the help of customer journey, persona descriptions or target group profiles we help you to determine customer needs.

Future scenarios

With the help of future scenarios we describe a possible future of your customers and your markets. This is where our knowledge about anticipated changes in technology, ecology, politics, culture and the economy comes in.

Future base

We dare to look into the distant future by looking at the megatrends. Megatrends describe far-reaching, long-term changes that encompass every person and every level of society.


We design and advise with great passion and pleasure. With us you will find a „colourful“ mix of professional skills and unique, likeable personalities. In interdisciplinary teams, we are always fully committed to you to find the individual, suitable solution for your task. We see ourselves as a strong team and as your reliable partner with prospects for the future.


We are proud to be part of the ELBA Zukunftswerk in Wuppertal. Our fantastic location with spacious industrial charm and an open and visionary neighbourhood creates a unique working atmosphere for us, which inspires partners, customers and employees to high creative performances.

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Curiosity is our driving force. This is why we are always on the move at many events and in networks. In our blog we would like to inform you about our activities around design, innovation and our team.



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